The assassination of a Labour moderate

Simon Danczuk’s suspension from the Labour party for sending steamy texts to an under 18 year old appears to be a classic case of a sleazy MP abusing his power in an all too predictable and pathetic way. The story boasts an extra helping of bathos given his well-publicised/self-publicised love life and his position as a leading campaigner for victims of child sex abuse. The story is so cliché it barely warrants a second glance. But on closer inspection the story is a revealing open wound on the Labour party’s soft underbelly.

What an amazing coincidence that one of Jeremy Corbyn’s most prominent critics from inside the Parliamentary Labour Party should be implicated in a sex scandal! The whole tawdry affair has Honey Trap written all over it. Regardless of whether it was a set up, the idea that someone who works as an online financial dominatrix could be shocked by a middle aged man telling her he was horny is risible. Whether she decided to go to the press out of political malice or simply to cash in she knew exactly what the consequences would be and there is little doubt that someone with Corbyn-ish tendencies would have encouraged her to come forward.

And who would have thought that the girl selling humiliation and sexual degradation on the web would scrub up into such an innocent virgin on the front page of The Sun? The stench of media manipulation is hard to ignore. Not to mention the rape allegation that has miraculously surfaced, no doubt given a bit of Momentum by Corbynites working round the clock to dig up any dirt they can find on him, the more salacious the better.

Welcome to the new politics.

After its publication the Labour Left wasted no time mobilizing against him. Almost instantly his constituency office was besieged and there were all manner of Pro-Corbyn figures on telly ready to denounce him. But in all the furore one thing has been completely overlooked – Danczuk’s actions may have been vulgar and offensive but he did nothing illegal, as Greater Manchester Police have confirmed. The insatiable pleasure with which the the Corbynistas have pursued him is completely out of proportion to his offence.

He has spoken about how he has struggled with both loneliness and alcohol. All things being equal your average Guardian reader would consider him someone who needed support not public flogging. If it were an MP on the Left of the party there there would be an appeal for sensitivity from the across social media but as a Blairite, Red Tory Traitor he gets no mercy from the cashmere and cocoa communists.

The whole sorry tale exposes three things. Firstly, despite the lip service they pay to an egalitarian society many Northern Labour MPs regard their constituencies as nothing more than private fiefdoms. They have more in common with 19th century absentee agricultural landlords than they could possibly imagine, treating their constituents as little more than disposable serfs while gorging on their money in the big smoke. The arrogant contempt they have shown in taking their core supporters for granted is why UKIP is threatening Labour in the North and why the SNP has wiped them off the map in Scotland.

Secondly, it reminds us of the coercion, intimidation and cowardice that underpins the New Politics of the Left. Whether it’s Miners dropping breeze blocks on the M4, students defacing war memorials or spitting protestors at the this year’s Tory party conference there are few depths to which Left wing ‘Protest’ will not sink. Fear not, every time a Left wing hate mob makes the news Labour loses 5000 more Home Counties votes.

And thirdly, it illustrates perfectly why neither the Left nor the Right of the Labour party possesses individuals worthy of high office. The whole sordid business has been conducted with a level of maturity that you would expect from a seventeen year old girl but not from people who are presenting themselves as potential leaders of our great state.

The Labour moderates are now the nomads of British politics. With Cameron, the real Heir to Blair, standing firm and unassailable atop the centre ground and their own party pulled from under their feet they are stranded in a political limbo, exposed to hostility from all sides without the sanctuary of their party to fall back on. In the old days they might have defected to the Lib Dems but with their future looking equally bleak they continue to walk the corridors of Westminster aimless and confused, surviving on past glories, single malt and sexting teenagers.

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