The Labour Party is a threat to democracy.
Its members must sack Corbyn.

Imagine you hired someone to work for you and they were dreadful at carrying out their duties. Well, there is always someone else willing to do a better job. Your government is much the same.  

When the incumbents are doing a rubbish job, you can sack them. Britons sacked James Callaghan in 1979 and were able to replace him with the late Lady Thatcher. Britons fired John Major in 1997 and were able to replace him with Tony Blair. Britons handed Gordon Brown his P45 in 2010 and were able to replace him with David Cameron. In 2016 the British people sacked the European Union and were able to replace it with democracy.  

That same democracy is now under threat by the Labour party because unlike all the previous parliamentary sackings there is nobody viable to replace the incumbent Conservative government with.  

Jeremy Corbyn does not have the ability to form a functioning shadow cabinet. Corbyn in a sheep surrounded by hungry lycanthrope-like labour MPs. Labourites know this, Corbyn has no support from labour parliamentarians, has little and not enough support from the greater British electorate but he has enough support from Macbook wielding Starbucks drinking millennials who call themselves “Momentum” in order to block any other candidate from entering the office of leader of the opposition and Labour leader.  

This is great for party politics, some Tory party activists and office holders will be rubbing their palms at this disastrous period for the Labour Party. The Conservative majority, if things continue as are, are like to have a much bigger majority in 2020. Labour turmoil is brilliant for the Conservative Party. 

However, the United Kingdom, despite having multiple parties in parliament, is still governed by a two party system. It was always going to be David Cameron or Ed Miliband in 2015.  

Much of the electorate, generally not at the far end of each debate on fiscal and foreign policy, don’t pledge allegiance to a single party. They simply want a stable, functioning government and a prosperous country and to get on in life.

In the unlikely event that Theresa May’s government does a terrible job, who can those normal everyday Britons turn to at the ballot box? Democracy depends on many things, but accountability and the promise of someone to replace the rubbish incumbents is essential. If the British people in 2020 feel the current government isn’t up to the job who can they vote for? We have alternative party MPs but we don’t have an alternative party united behind a strong leader ready to take office and get on with governing.  


Allow me plagiarise an amended version of Dr Seuss:

 The time has come, the time is now. 

Go go go I don’t care how. 

You can go by foot, you can go by cow. 

Jeremy Corbyn will you please go now. 

You can go on skates, you can go on skis. 

You can go in a hat but please go, please. 

You can go by bike, you can go on a zike bike if you like. 

If you like you can go in an old blue shoe. 

Just go go go please do do do.  

Jeremy Corbyn I don’t care how  

Jeremy Corbyn will you please go now 

If Labour members place democracy before their party interests, they will fire Jeremy Corbyn. If Conservatives place democracy before their party interests, they will know being in government requires being held to account and facing electoral defeat in the next election should they do a bad job.

Kieran Munro is a political writer and Brexit campaigner.  He has Appeared numerous times on the BBC and STV. Follow him on Twitter: @Kieran0610

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