The Lego Movie: A libertarian fairytale

I don’t often get interested in American politics and the current freak show on offer has done little to change that; but one story did catch my attention recently. Ron Johnson, a republican senator from Wisconsin, was paid a visit by Lord Business of ‘The Lego Movie’ fame in a stunt by his Democratic challenger, Russ Feingold. This was in response to a comment made by Johnson describing The Lego Movie as “Insidious propaganda,” against business and capitalism. And he’s not the only one who believes this. Fox News has long held a vendetta against the movie and a cursory google search reveals hundreds of crackpot lefties who think Emmet Brickowski is a 21st century Spartacus

To this, I say; rubbish! The Lego Movie is an awe inspiring libertarian fairytale of freedom and hope and we should celebrate it as such.

One man’s struggle against a suffocating state which demands conformity and homogeneity from all. One man’s journey to discover the inherent malevolence in laws and regulations which serve no purpose other than to control the populace. One man’s triumph borne out of the innate virtue of the freedom of the individual from authoritarianism in its pursuit of an unobtainable utopia. How much more libertarian can you get?

Again here the Left willfully confuses corporatism with capitalism; the former just as despised by any real libertarian. What is more the Octan corporation appears to be a monopoly – an anathema for all classical liberals, the enemy of all that is good and positive in a market economy and often the result of the state meddling in economics where it shouldn’t.

The whole Idea of the Kragle – Lord Business’ plan to fix everybody in their place with Kraft Glue- is a wonderful metaphor for the Left’s antipathy towards social mobility. And this contrasts sharply with the protagonist’s story arc – Emmett Brickowski, an unexceptional, anonymous construction worker, is able to assume a role at the top of society. Emmett’s circumstances place no limit on his capabilities. Where he began is of no consequence. Where he is headed is everything.

And let’s not forget the whole damn movie is one long advert! One long advert for a product that has brought happiness and joy to millions of children as a result of its success in the marketplace. The inspired design of Lego ensured that it could thrive in the market and competition from the likes of Meccano guaranteed the company never lost its innovative edge and continued to excite and entertain. The story of Lego is yet another example of capitalism delivering happiness and fulfillment. Had Ole Kirk Christiansen been born in Leningrad his invention may never have seen the light of day. Unless, that is, he had been related to the local commissar.

So the next time your little ones ask for ‘In the Night Garden’ or ‘Mr Bloom’s Nursery’, or any of the other countless insipid social engineering projects the BBC designs to subtly condition our kids’ perceptions of the world into that of a communalist ‘Midwich’ where sweets are banned and everyone has to go to bed at 7pm, Stick ‘The Lego Movie’ on and let the unrestrained joy of freedom and opportunity thrill them to the core.

Martin is a lifelong Socialist who saw the error of his ways, making a sharp right turn. Follow him on Twitter: @righturn79

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