The “March for Europe”
is a ridiculous farce

You may have noticed a few Lefties and Eddie Izzard are currently marching through the streets of London hoping for an overturn of the EU referendum result.

It is tempting to ignore them. But with the majority of the commons having supported remain, and MPs such as David Lammy suggesting parliament oppose Brexit it’s a threat worth noting.

The last time a British people voted for a UK government with a greater percentage of the population than that which supported Brexit, was for the Conservative Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin in 1931. In fact, in raw numbers it is the biggest political mandate in the history of the UK.

Socialists may like a good protest – and a good placard – but not democracy apparently.

They may love talking about the will of the people. But protests like this show that all it is, is virtue signalling. When they lose the left give up on the people and insist to one another that it must be some kind of trick. “How could we possibly lose; everyone I know agrees with me…”

The EU referendum was possibly the greatest example in the history of our nation of the will of the people being proclaimed. We must hear it. We cannot let sore losers on the left drown out that mandate.

The organisers have claimed it was a turn out of 50,000. Though the police have estimated around 4000… and they call Brexiteers dishonest!

I wouldn’t worry too much about it though. Eddie Izard is at the march. And we all know his track record.

As always, twitter has erupted on the protest, here are some of our team’s favourites

In the words of the immortal Daniel Hannan MEP:


And to top it off an insensitive reference to the murdered MP Jo Cox:   Jocox


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