Remain II: The Revenge of Remain – The Resurgent Europhiles hoping to stop Brexit

Remain II: The Revenge – The Remain campaign is to relaunch and reinvigorate the British Europhile movement, with Tony Blair launching his comeback to stop Brexit

The Remain campaign is regrouping and preparing for a major relaunch. Well, you didn’t think the Europhile elite was going to give up that easily did you?

The biggest democratic exercise in British history resulted in a vote to leave the European Union, but the anti-democratic paternal instinct of the Europhiles has kicked in; the British people must be saved from themselves.

They may have exercised their democratic right to vote Leave, but they didn’t know what they were voting for. They turned out in huge numbers, but they were beguiled by lies. Millions of people became engaged in the debate and felt inspired to have a say in our politics like never before, but they were too stupid to vote on the matter anyway, and now they must be ignored for their own good. Yes, that is the logic of the Remain campaign mark II.

Open Britain, the successor to Stronger In, will partner with a new campaign set up by Blairite former ministers to form a refreshed Remain campaign with a two-year timeline to stop Brexit.

Tony Blair, undoubtedly a man with quite a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder, has been planning his political comeback for some time. Now he will be the figurehead of an anti-Brexit movement and plans to set up a new political institute to influence the negotiations and help to push for a second referendum; with the aim, ultimately, being to prevent Brexit altogether.

Blair has spotted an opportunity; wounded by becoming one of the most bitterly loathed politicians in Britain, he wants to become the messiah of Remain and EU icon. He is clearly far too manically egotistical and blinkered to realise the revulsion he inspires; the backlash that will likely grow against him will be severely harmful to the cause he cherishes.

One thing that Remain mark II will not be short of is cash; there are plenty of rich donors available amongst the Europhile elite. Richard Branson’s Virgin Group will help bankroll the campaign along with the insurance millionaire Sir Clive Cowdery. The group will be backed to the hilt by powerful political, financial and corporate interests with top-tier business and communications organisations throwing their support behind it.

The group is being set up by Alan Milburn, John Hutton, Douglas Alexander and former advisers to Tony Blair such as Sally Morgan, Peter Hyman and Kat Garvey.  The usual Europhile suspects will all be involved; Nick Clegg, Cuka Umunna, Tim Farron and the like.

Of course, we can expect the usual endorsements from rich celebrities such as Bob Geldof and the same old tedious lectures from a variety of actors, comedian and other tedious wind bags with hugely over inflated perceptions of their own importance and political intelligence.

They believe that the public can be persuaded to change their mind and are hoping for economic deterioration to strengthen their hand. Their allies will attempt to sabotage Brexit from within while they run a resurgent Remain campaign in preparation for a second referendum which they  believe they can win. This is far from over; Brexit may yet be prevented.

Brexiteers need to regroup and reorganise in a big way, now.

Remain mark II has already secured approximately £1m in funding, and far more is likely to be pledged to fight a two-year campaign to push Britain into a humiliating reversal, whereupon it will return into the EU as a weaker supplicant than ever before. This would be an embarrassment; an abject defeat that would render us marginalised and submissive in an EU buoyed by another defeat of democracy.

If Remain got their way, and Brexit was stopped, British domestic politics would be more toxic than ever as a groundswell of resentment would begin to build up in response. All of those people who turned out because they believed that their vote would finally matter would have effectively have been told that actually, it doesn’t. Eventually the disillusionment and bitterness that would inevitably cause would boil over.

It’s the Europhiles that have to be saved from themselves, and Remain that has to be prevented. The post-referendum funk must be now shrugged off; we need a full-scale revival of the Leave campaign.  The debate will continue and we must advance our ideas and arguments to ensure the public continues to support leaving the EU and becomes confident about our future as an independent nation.

Brexiteers assemble!

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  1. If Blairs at the helm its a non starter, however if it does get off the ground May might need to call an election so that we can rid the house of these traitors.

  2. The parasites trying to have Britain remain in the EUssr are forcing the nation into a CIVIL WAR.

  3. My particular worry is that they’ll attempt to engineer a bad deal via constraining the negotiation stance and via direct influence in Brussels where they have the connections.

    Then on the back of worries around the deal they can push for a 2nd referendum.

  4. william.tobin says:

    “The biggest democratic exercise in British history”? Because of the novelty of having enfranchised peers (760 persons) and the people of Gibraltar (23,100 electors)? That’s to forget the democratic deficit of the 5½ million whom Parliament decided were too young (1.5 million), too long abroad (2.0 million) or too foreign (2.2 million) to vote. As one of the too-long-abroad, I can tell you I’m hopping mad at having my life upturned without being consulted–and indeed, even Conservatives find this unjuust, with their as-yet unkept “Votes-For-Life” manifesto promise.
    Well, the referendum is over; but sooner or later the people of Britain will be called to the polls again. If you believe future voting should be more fairly representative, then sign my petition to Parliament to this effect:

    • If you have chosen to live and make your life, outside this country, why should you vote on how the people who remain are governed or indeed have to live their lives. I believe that every person born in this country over the age of 18 who still lives here or anyone who has lived and worked here for at least five years should vote. And it should be made law that they vote. Every single vote should count. Then we will get a full engagement of people. Never in our history have so many people voted and the system was acknowledged and voted by MPs that each vote would count. The majority voted to leave. That is democracy and anyone trying to change it or put up a barrier is a traitor to that which this country as fought hundreds of years to keep. If people chose not to vote that was their decision. The problem we have is an overbloated unelected House of Lords and a judiciary who be.ieve they, and not the people, are guardians of our democracy. Believe me this will end badly because those living outside London have been forgotten and shouted down so often that if their voice is not now respected their anger will know no bounds.

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