Wales isn’t Labour; it’s Libertarian

Slap a red rosette on a monkey and stand him for a general election somewhere in the Welsh Valleys and you’ve got yourself a landslide majority, in favour of the socialist monkey. That’s how people tend to see party politics in Wales. In all fairness, it’s not far off. Wales is rife with tribalisitic politics, with whole communities who have voted Labour for several generations just because they hate the Conservatives. This means that they politicians that represent them don’t have to do an awful lot to win their support. In fact, they often have to do nothing. They have a red rosette on their chest; it’s all they need.

So why do Labour have such an easy time in the land of my fathers? Mines and lies. For several generations the people of the Welsh mining communities have been sold the same, rusty, old lie. They have been told that it was indeed the Conservative Party under the leadership of Thatcher that sold off the mines in the Valleys; forcing mass regional unemployment and uprooting ancient communities and their traditions. Labour told them this, but left out something important. Whilst Thatcher closed 115 Welsh mines, Harold Wilson closed 253. Harold Wilson’s Labour government was far more damaging to Wales’s mining industry than Thatcher and her Conservatives. It’s a fact. It can’t be argued. People in Wales vote for Labour because they’ve been told lie after lie by the Labour party, who are looking to profiteer from the damage they caused to Welsh communities.

I have lived in Wales all my life. The people here are proud and honest. They want to work. The anger over the Mines comes from the poverty that followed. It followed as a result of government policy. I remind anyone who is reading this that Wales still only has one Motorway, the M4, which doesn’t even reach most of the country. It has some of the worst internet in the country. We are also the biggest underachievers education wise in the entire United Kingdom. Welsh Labour has had control over these issues in the Senedd for around sixteen years. People here know this. They know that Labour are crap. ‘But at least we aren’t the Tories!’ cries Welsh Labour.

I spent most of the Brexit campaign in the working class, Labour voting communities of Wales, who voted overwhelmingly to Leave. Why did so many of these Labour voters in Wales want out of the European Union when the vast majority of their party wanted to remain? Because there really isn’t much in common between the parliamentary Labour party and the people in Wales who elect Labour MPs. Labour believe that fundamentally the government has the power to solve problems; most of which originate from the market. The average Welshman believes that the government is useless, and that the real crooks aren’t the business owners who operate in the market, but rather the fat-cats in Westminster and Cardiff Bay who seem largely incompetent and inherently corruptible. Why would they want more of that in Brussels? Working class Welshmen saw no benefits from all this extra government, because there weren’t any for them. They have no faith in big government.

Does the average Welshman care about whether gay marriage is illegal? No. Do they hate bloated and inefficient government? Yes. Do they hate VAT and alcohol levies? Certainly. . The Welsh are accustomed to being in big open spaces. We love freedom. We don’t want to be told what to do by anyone. We want to be left alone to live our lives. Wales is truly a Libertarian country, as Brexit confirmed for me. We want less government on our backs, not more. Labour can lie all they want. It may have let them win the minds of the Welsh people, but not their hearts; if you’ve ever heard a Welsh choir, you know that how dangerous some heart can be.