Want to be a good socialist? Steal from the poor!

There’s a commonly-held misconception that people grow rich by taking from the poor, rather than by providing goods and services which people want or need and exchanging those for money, which is what actually happens in a capitalist economy.

Ironically, the only way in which you can legitimately grow rich by taking from the poor is by receiving a public sector salary and the likes of Baroness Ashton, who quelle surprise, is retiring from politics after her five-year dabble on £328,000 a year, is an exquisite example.

If you’re already rich and you’re into stealing from the poor, however, there is another cool way to save money – use public services. That way, even though you can afford to use private services with an upfront fee, you can let other people pick up the tab for you. And the best thing about it is – it makes you a good socialist! So you don’t even have to feel bad about yourself.

That, at least, is the opinion of Hull Labour MP Karl Turner who, in a bizarre turn, praised Cuba-loving RMT boss Bob Crow as ‘a great socialist’ on Twitter Easter Sunday for renting social housing rather than buying a house – even though he earns £130,000 a year.

So there you have it – if you can afford to buy your own house, it actually makes you a good socialist if you choose instead to live in a house with artificially low, taxpayer-subsidised, rent at the expense, not only of poor taxpayers, but of everyone who struggles to find a home in the very limited social housing stock.

I’m somewhat reminded of £66,000-a-year MP Frank Dobson’s protestations he couldn’t afford to move out of his £1m council house and Labour’s grotesque protest over the removal of child benefit for households earning over £60,000 a year – on the basis that universal welfare benefits, however rich you are, ‘binds the country together’.

But hey, they’re the ‘good guys’, remember?