We want to give the Libertarian Right a voice; and we need your help

On Wednesday the Prime Minister used her speech at the close of party conference to explicitly and directly attack the ‘libertarian right’. As we well know – having hosted more than 400 of them for drinks on Tuesday night – that’s an enormous section of her own party.

But the attack went further than the libertarians. Throughout her speech Theresa May made it clear that she was taking the Conservative Party back to its pre-Thatcher roots, emboldening paternalists, traditionalists and the kind of establishment thinking Lady Thatcher fought so hard against.

As Mrs May announced policies and her direction of government she rejected and attacked anyone who believes in free markets or that individuals make better decisions for themselves than politicians and bureaucrats make for them. She cast aside all of the evidence that market intervention makes the problems she outlined worse, and made it clear that she is a statist.

If you believe in free markets, smaller government or individual choice, then we are fellow travellers. You may not be the libertarian right, but you are under attack too. Help us fight it.

At our Freedom Fizz event on Tuesday Toby Young reminded us that freedom and liberty must be defended again and again by every generation. Boy was he right – and that is exactly what we at Conservatives for Liberty are doing.

But we can’t do it on our own. Voluntary association is core to our ideology, and we need yours now.

Becoming a member of CfL costs just £10 per year and it truly helps us. It helps us cover the costs of maintaining and growing our website, lobbying MPs and reaching out to more liberty minded Conservatives.

More importantly, we point to our membership as proof of the size and passion of liberty-lovers within the Conservative Party. It helps us access and persuade politicians, businesses and other organisations to support our work. It costs you just £10, but the value goes far beyond that.

Join Conservatives for Liberty now

If you have been so enraged by May’s move to statism that signing up just isn’t enough, there are other ways you can help us:

  • To blog for us on any liberty related issue email ben@con4lib.com.
  • To set up a CfL branch in your area and begin hosting events and talks under our standard, with our support and advice, email neil@con4lib.com with details of where you are based.
  • To get involved with our national committee email emily@con4lib.com with your CV and an overview of your interests and skills. We currently have greatest need for social media marketers, sub editors and researchers, but if your skills lie outside of these areas we can certainly still put them to good use.