Inter-Generational Fairness

Conservatives for Liberty recognises that the cracks in the economy and society often manifest themselves through generational divides, and all too often that means younger generations paying for the profligacy and lack of foresight of generations that have gone before.

We believe that the answer to inter-generational unfairness is not to double down and introduce more of the misguided government interventions that so often created the problems in the first place.

Conservatives for Liberty believes that it is time to be radical: it’s time for government to back off, pull down barriers, and clear the way for individuals and society to succeed through innovation. Deregulate planning law to build more houses, make innovation in education easier, and grasp the nettle of pensions funding to create a system that is fair and sustainable for all.

We also believe that our generation should be more responsible than previous ones by ensuring that we do not leave our children and grandchildren to pay off the debts we have accumulated. It is time to tackle the deficit and begin to pay off government debt.


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The Economy

We believe in free markets. That means people’s choices determining the success or failure of businesses, everyone keeping as much of what they earn as possible, and scepticism about the effectiveness of regulation.

Inter-Generational Fairness

Generational divides and differences in fortunes between the old and young cannot be solved with more of the government intervention that created the problems in the first place. It’s time to be radical in the pursuit of fairness.