The Economy

Conservatives for Liberty believes that markets should be free. For us ‘free markets’ isn’t an abstract economic concept – it is the cumulative effect of the millions of decisions ordinary people like me and you make every day of our lives. We think that those decisions and choices should be what determine the success or failure of businesses, not what politicians and bureaucrats think is good for us.

Conservatives for Liberty recognises that government intervention in markets, though usually well meaning, often works out badly for everyone. Unintended consequences resulting from regulation can be seen across our economy, and in the UK when we look at the markets which are failing people most badly – for example housing and energy – they are the same markets that have the heaviest government regulation and intervention.

Conservatives for Liberty supports low taxes and backs the lowering of tax at every opportunity. This is because fundamentally, we believe that people should keep as much of what they earn as is possible.


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Rights and Freedoms

Individual liberty means fighting for free speech, against mass surveillance, and in favour of adults choosing for themselves. The finest of British traditions, we also treasure the union and armed forces which keep us free.

Inter-Generational Fairness

Generational divides and differences in fortunes between the old and young cannot be solved with more of the government intervention that created the problems in the first place. It’s time to be radical in the pursuit of fairness.