Will the world tolerate another genocide?

In general Conservatives for Liberty is ordinarily non-interventionist in its foreign policy. But today I call on Western governments to do what they can save these people.

As Islamic jihadists ISIS advance across Syria and Iraq, around 40,000 Yazidis – adherents of an ancient Middle Eastern religion – are trapped on a mountain. They have fled their homes as militants demand they convert, pay an impossible tax or die. On this mountainside they are faced with two choices: descend to be murdered, or stay and starve.

Dozens of children and elderly are said to have already died of dehydration, whilst some parents have reportedly thrown their children from the mountain to lessen their suffering.

Turkey has launched limited air drops of aid and accepted several hundred refugees.

It is no hyperbole to suggest that this is a new Rwanda.

This is not a call for another invasion of Iraq. That intervention has in no small way contributed to the horror that is unfolding before our eyes. It does not require a war to save these people: humanitarian aid at minimum – establishing a safe zone or exit corridor at most.

Or we can watch 40,000 men, women and children die on a mountain and spend twenty years talking about ‘never again’.