2016: CfL’s year in review


2016 was one hell of a good year for CfL. The team will always remember it as the year we exhausted ourselves in the campaign to leave the EU – and contributed to the glorious victory for Brexit.

Since then there have been a few setbacks: CfL’s arch enemy within the Conservative Party was elected as leader and Prime Minister, and the direction of government has moved distinctly towards both authoritarianism and one nation Toryism. We will continue to work hard to advocate for free markets and liberty – please join us to help our fight.

For CfL 2016 meant a full calendar of events. We hosted David Nuttall MP, James Cleverly MP, the producers of Brexit: The Movie, Rory Broomfield, Alexander Adamescu, Mark Littlewood and Steve Baker MP.

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<clear;both>The third annual Freedom Fix at Conservative Party Conference was our biggest yet: 400 people packed in to hear Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Toby Young talk about what comes next for British liberty.

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In November, we finally launched CfL Scotland, with Graham Simpson MSP. We look forward to launching CfL Wales – and a bunch of English regional branches – in 2017.


Over on the blog, we’ve clearly been writing an awful lot about the EU – in favour of Leave for the first half of the year, and then about the kind of Brexit we would like to see. We also railed against the national living wage, the junior doctors’ strike, taxing sugar, trigger warnings and safe spaces, the surveillance state, the ‘Liberal’ ‘Democrats’, virtue signalling against loyalist bonfires, the DUP’s position on equal marriage, and the SNP.

We’ve warned against public sector pension schemes, the persistent under-funding of our armed forces, nationalising steel, subsidies of any kind, Gary Johnson, Owen Smith, usurping contracts to regulate Uber, and prohibition.

We’ve written in favour of liberalisation of Sunday trading laws, the monarchy, the self-determination of Falkland Islanders, freedom of association (even for men), the wisdom of older people, and legalising cannabis.

If you’re burning with rage and want the world to know about it, why not contribute to the blog in 2017? Submit yours to blog@con4lib.com.

Next year we will be campaigning on the European Arrest Warrant and other civil liberties issues, continuing to advocate for a clean Brexit, and tub-thumping for free markets.

We will be expanding CfL’s calendar of events and campaigns. We’re always looking for people who will help us establish new branches across the country and join the committee: help us make 2017 even better than 2016.

Happy New Year!

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