800 Years of Liberty: Celebrate it with us


800 years of liberty - Magna Carta & Waterloo Dinner with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP 2

Conservatives for Liberty are delighted to announce places are now available for 800 Years of Liberty – our black tie dinner with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP celebrating the octocentenary of the Magna Carta and the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, at the luxurious Savile Club in Mayfair on June 10.

The night will begin with a reception in the club’s ornate ballroom (featured on Downton Abbey), followed by a sumptuous dinner of poached lobster, lemon mayonnaise and watercress; olive and herb crusted rack of lamb with a pave of celeriac, potato and turnips, tender stem broccoli and aged port jus; followed by Eton Mess with meringue pearls and crème Chantilly, sugared lemon balm, and coffee.

The Savile Club ballroom


Mr Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset, will be joining us as our speaker and guest of honour, together with a host of special guests, to mark the foundation of our liberties at Runnymede, where the barons confronted King John with their demands on June 10, 1215; their preservation at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815; and their dissemination across the globe in the subsequent century of Pax Britannica.*

Only three of the Magna Carta’s 63 clauses remain on statute in English Law; two of these concern the rights and privileges of the Church of England and City of London but the third, clause XXIX, underpins the legal systems of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a host of other Commonwealth realms – in spirit if not in statute.

NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.

The staircase leading to the Savile Club ballroom

Not for nothing did judge and constitutional expert Lord Denning describe the Magna Carta as “the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

To be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the foundation of this great nation’s ancient liberties, email events@con4lib.com for further information on how to secure your place. Tickets are priced at £80 and table bookings of ten are available.

*By an astonishing coincidence, June 10 also marks the birth of James Francis Edward Stuart in 1688, which provided the absolutist King James II with an heir. This proved the tipping point for the ‘Immortal Seven’ to write a letter to William of Orange, dated June 18, asking him to invade England and reign as William III under Parliament – further cementing the liberties of freeborn Englishmen in the 1689 Bill of Rights.