Brexiteers have every right to fear the referendum will be ignored; the EU has form


On the morning of June 24th a graphic ran on social media showing the past referendum results from across Europe where the electorate had voted against EU plans only to be told to vote again or, worse, were completely ignored. Remainers shared this post as a beacon of hope that all was not lost, not realising they were highlighting the very democratic deficit that made us campaign so hard to leave.

The people of Britain have every right to fear Brexit will be overturned, The EU has ‘previous’ on this (which is putting it mildly). From Denmark’s verdict on Maastricht and the French/Dutch dismissal of the EU constitution and right up to Greek people’s rejection of bailout terms in 2015 the European Union has consistently displayed a flagrant disregard for democracy. The EU’s endemic lack of democratic accountability is well known but to ignore the direct democracy of countless referendums exhibits a particular brand of contempt for the people.

While The Daily Mail may have been wrong to point the finger at the high court judges who ruled parliament must be consulted on Brexit they were right to voice the concerns of millions that this is the beginning of the guerrilla war the ‘Continuity Remainers’ are mounting to ensure we stay in the shackles of the EU.

When the last few months have seen a relentless narrative of, “thick, racist plebs can’t be trusted to vote,” when senior figures from the Tories, Labour, Lid Dems and SNP are openly discussing a second referendum or even ignoring the result altogether and when the leader of the opposition says he is prepared to lead his party against article 50, is it any wonder that Brexiteers smell an establishment stitch up?

As establishment archetypes go you can’t get much better than a high court judge, the epitome of a detached elite who know nothing of the lives of the 17 million people who voted leave. Any tabloid writer who missed that one would be ashamed of themselves. Every pantomime needs a villain and this lot brought their own costumes!

While the Left wing media continues to give unreserved airtime and column inches to unrepentant remainers I would argue the Mail has a duty to continue representing the well-founded concerns of millions of Leavers. Continued public pressure is the only way to guarantee Brexit. We’re not crackpot conspiracy theorists – we’ve seen the mothership land before.

The Remainers seem to be under the illusion that if we can just climb into a customized Delorean and travel back in time to June 22nd everything will be OK again. They are completely blind to the consequences of us failing to leave the EU, how dangerous it will be to once again ignore the views of a section of the population who feared they would never be heard.

We now live in a different country, and not the proto-third reich that the Guardian would have you believe, but a country where there is real hope for the first time in a generation that politics actually works. The consequences of ignoring the result for constitutional democracy in the UK could be absolutely dire, worse than the most absurd, fantastical predictions the Remain campaign made about the aftermath of brexit. The genie has been released and it will not go back into the bottle.

The only thing worse than the Remainers getting their own way is the silver medal that they are content to accept. There is quite obviously a concerted effort to ensure that if we cannot remain they will make Brexit as difficult as possible, hoping to create catastrophic economic uncertainty so in a couple of years they can smugly claim, “Told you so!”

No matter how messy Brexit gets Anna Soubry, Nick Clegg and David Lammy will still enjoy lives of plenty with big houses, German cars and foreign holidays. The fact that they are happy not only to ignore the views of ordinary people but also to jeopardise their futures simply to defend their own egos and reputations is abhorrent. I dearly hope their constituents remember this.

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