CfL blog: Highlights of the year


Sally Davies risks exacerbating the ‘obesity crisis’

‘The point is that obesity is someone’s own problem. It was mine. It’s yours, and it certainly isn’t the state’s.’

We should be proud of our right NOT to vote

‘We already have government telling us what to do in so many aspects of our lives. Let’s not give them another chance to.’

Stop the War is a disgrace to a Left which used to stand for something

‘Welcome, dear friends, to the loony world of the New Left.’

The working class are natural born Tories

‘If you consider the behaviour, culture, desires, fashions and tastes of the British working class there is but one conclusion to draw – They are natural born conservatives.’

Traditions are the foundation of our future, destroy them at your peril

‘A healthy respect for tradition and custom is a guarantor of stability and a means of conserving what is good and worth preserving about our country, its culture and its political system.’

Freedom of choice and responsibility: It’s common sense

‘Every time a parent buys their child a 7Up, they are not inflicting impending death as proponents of an absurd sugar tax would have you believe.’

The death of Liberalism on the Left

‘The Left continue to reject  liberty, and so the Conservative Party must become its champion.’

The virtues of capitalism and libertarianism

‘The Free-Market bears no flag, no prejudices, no qualms, no force, no language barrier, no race, no culture, no sex or gender, no age, no religion; only people do.’

Mass surveillance is not the answer

‘The case for conserving British liberty and ensuring this country remains a fair, free and open society has not changed since the Paris attacks.’

Yetis, unicorns and the gender pay gap

‘The 1960s are over, and so are beehives, mod dresses, and the gender pay gap.’

Northern Ireland’s same-sex marriage shame

‘Public opinion is firmly on the side of allowing people to say ‘I do’. How much longer can the petition-signing 38 MLAs continue to say ‘I don’t’?’

I disapprove of what you say… therefore I will deny your right to say it

‘An obsession of creating a politically correct world where nobody gets offended, has created a very intolerant world where debate is being crushed.’

The Cameron Deception: “Associate membership” of the EU

‘The foundations are in place for David Cameron and George Osborne to deceive the British people into believing that this new two-tier structure is their own idea.’

Why I am not a liberal

‘My own political journey over the last five years has taken me decisively from the classical liberal wing of this church to an unashamed conservative.’

The EU is a hindrance on our trade policy

As global trade is expanding at an unprecedented rate… Europe is well behind the curve.

Why ordinary people are not “wrong about everything”

‘There’s an assumption that ordinary common folk are stupid, ill-informed and bigoted.’

We cannot let Islamism destroy free speech

‘We are letting a barbaric ideological minority view within Islam call the shots and attempt to stop anyone who seeks to challenge their medieval views.’

The threat to economic freedom

‘The Labour Party is now a threat to economic freedom, the bedrock of liberty.’

The left have no solution to state dependency

‘Could it be that the Left is just high on moral outrage but low on alternative workable solutions?’

An interview with Christopher Snowdon

Ben Kelly questions Christopher Snowdon on the erosion of liberty, the public health lobby, the demonisation of E-cigs and more…

Why I wholeheartedly support the ‘revenge porn’ law

‘I hope it serves as a deterrent to anyone nasty or foolhardy enough to think betraying someone’s trust in this way and violating their right to consent is in any way acceptable behaviour.’

Yes, Enoch was right – but not about what you think

‘Powell was without a doubt the most intelligent and gifted politician of his generation and his subsequent departure from frontline politics was a tragedy for the country.’

Regulate not our sins

‘It makes no moral or economic sense to deny people the choice of church or shopping but that’s what we’re stuck with.’

With the Government flirting with  totalitarianism, the terrorists are winning

‘The PM is planning to silence certain points of view even if they do not advocate or support violence, for no other reason that because he and the crazed crone he placed in the Home Office consider them ‘extremist’.’

Liberty is Northern Ireland’s only hope

‘How does the state maintain this power over people’s lives? Through an illusory democracy, where all the parties are in power at all times. Where is this place? Northern Ireland.’

The virtuosity of individualism

‘The strong willed and fearless individual with a protective barrier of self reliance is resistant to group think and, for me, characterises what individualism is all about.’

The myth of the Scandinavian socialist utopia

 Scandinavia does not replicate socialist theory. It only takes quick investigation into their thriving corporations, deregulation, private sector and entrepreneurial culture to establish this 

To defend “British values” we must conserve liberty

All the old customs of English liberty are fading into memory. Now we seem set to officially introduce thought crime into our legal system.’

Profit is not a dirty word

‘The idea that making a profit is dishonest is pure Marxist drivel’

Economic inequality and the politics of envy

‘Those that argue that inequality by itself matters are essentially inferring that a society that has its income doubled would be worse off, as it would be more unequal.’