The CfL Ten: Enfield North

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Nick de Bois has fought every General Election in Enfield North since 2001. After losing his seat in 2015, he is aiming to return to Parliament on 8th June.

Recently coming to CfL’s attention as a committed opponent of plain packaging, de Bois ticks a few other ‘ideal MP’ boxes. During his previous tenure as MP, after taking note of the above average unemployment level in his constituency, he organised the Enfield Jobs Fair which reduced youth unemployment in the constituency by 50% and overall unemployment by 42%.

With such a hands-on approach to problem-solving and a relatively sound pedigree, winning Enfield North back would not only mean another seat in the bag, but ensure that Enfield North has a strong (and stable) Member of Parliament until 2022.

Campaign for Nick with CfL

The CfL team are heading to Enfield North on 20th May to campaign. To join us in helping get Nick elected get in touch with Emily Barley:

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