The CfL Ten: Wirral West

Conservatives for Liberty #GE4L

One of the only low points of an altogether unforgettable 2015 election night was the defeat of Esther McVey in Wirral West. Not only did the result confound the pundits – the seat had been won by the government in every election since its creation in 1983 – the loss of McVey was felt keenly in a party still seemingly struggling in the North West of England.

However the Labour majority of 417 looks distinctly surmountable in no small part down to an excellent candidate selection.

As his bio from his 2012 run at the Liverpool mayoralty points out, Tony Caldiera is far from blue-blooded. The product of a Merseyside single parent, free school meals, household he worked out how to make cushions when he was 15 and from there turned a stall in Liverpool’s Great Homer Street market into a cushion empire. The former chairman of Liverpool Conservatives, following his 2012 run he challenged for the city region mayoralty in 2017, winning a fifth of all votes cast on Merseyside. Not bad.

Winning back this corner of Merseyside would mean reversing one of the few injustices of 2015 and – crucially – elevate a real grafter to the Commons.

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