Conservatives for Liberty welcomes the
designation of Vote Leave as lead campaigner


Last month we announced our support for Vote Leave in its bid to be designated the official lead campaign by the Electoral Commission in the upcoming referendum on membership of the EU. They were up against Grassroots Out. We judged that Vote Leave was better placed to make the arguments necessary to persuade the moderate voters that will decide the outcome of the referendum.

Today the Electoral Commission announced that Vote Leave has won the official designation, with criteria including breadth of representation of the leave movement, ability to work with other organisations, capacity to organise & deliver the campaign, and the level of support from others.

The Electoral Commission acknowledged that GO submitted a high quality bid, but said that it did not offer support as broad and deep as Vote Leave’s, and it did not have satisfactory processes to support other campaigning organisations.

The official campaign will begin on Friday, and all of us who want to see the UK’s sovereignty restored will need to step up. Sign up as a Vote Leave volunteer here. We hope everyone who wants to see the UK leave the EU will work with Vote Leave to get the job done.