Corbyn won… And then set out the details of his suicide mission

From his interview on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn is emboldened. Now Corybnism will be unleashed in all its glory as the limp Blairites and moderates of the party lay defeated and despairing.

Corbyn has handed out an olive branch to his colleagues, but this thorn has branches. He refused to rule our mandatory reselection of his MPs, saying – not very reassuringly – that the “majority” of them would be fine. Meaning that a purge is coming.

He has also begun setting out his stall on policies, and it is clear that despite previous talk of reconciliation; there will be no compromise on many policy areas which set him so far apart from his colleagues. The most obvious one being defence and national security. He supports the criminal investigations into British troops and does not support the expansion of MI6, despite the heightened threat of terrorism.

The Conservative Party really doesn’t need attack Corbyn too fiercely. They can simply stand back and let the newly confident Labour leader turn the country firmly against him over the coming years. Labour will be an infighting mess of recriminations, deselections and infiltration and as the Corbynites tighten their grip. By 2020 the Labour Party will have transformed totally into a hard Left socialist party chock full of dogmatists and extremists. Electoral oblivion awaits.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives can simply build up a file for the next election campaign in order to unleash a devastating full frontal attack and decimate Labour.  There was enough just in yesterday’s interview to lead the Party into a barnstorming majority.

He pledged to borrow and extra £500 billion for “investment”, on… stuff and things. Because if you spend lots and lots of money we don’t have, surely the economy will take off with rocket boosters? Spend, spend, spend! He doesn’t really know exactly what he’s going to spend the money on. There were no details. We should just elect him and trust him, McDonnell, Milne, Mccluskey and the like to know the best way to invest. Let me just say it again, in full: £500,000,000,000.

The defence budget, he suggested, should be spent, not on troops, equipment, weaponry ships etc, but on aid. Because the best way to combat public scepticism about how our foreign aid is spent and disgruntlement at the cuts to the armed forces, is to hint that the defence budget would be best spent on more aid.

But then one shouldn’t expect support of our armed forces from our Jeremy. He believes British troops should be prosecuted for their actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They got recruited, and sent to fight in a hostile country, coming back mentally scarred (at best), and are to be rewarded by a wannabe prime minister with encouragement of lawsuits and prosecution.

Behind the gentle grandad persona, there is a hardline zealot. Then behind that there are batallions of hardline zealots that barely bother to hide behind a persona. The electorate is going to see right through him.

Corbyn has won two leadership elections and is likely to succeed in turning Labour into a Party of the extremist Left in his own image and that of his allies and cronies. That is his success, but ultimately he will prove to be an utter failure when it counts.

Even disinterested voters who are tuned out of politics most of the time will take one look at him in the run up to the 2020 election, see a man who stands for a massive borrowing spree, a vast spending increase, higher taxes and a determined weakening of our defence, and enthusiastically vote against him.

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