The hard left is back. To the battle stations!


The question echoing around the political arena right now is, ‘how do we respond to Jeremy Corbyn?’ His phenomenal victory has wrong-footed everybody. Every political party is now considering this question, including the Blairite exiles of Labour as they skulk away to lick their wounds.

The immediate reaction of many in the Conservative Party has been one of celebration and premature triumphalism. With a wry smile and a strong sense of inner smugness, the government and the party is wondering quite how it could have got so lucky.

It is now considered by all and sundry an absolute certainty that Corbyn will lead Labour over an electoral cliff, if indeed the party doesn’t tear itself apart in a political bloodbath before 2020. Either way, it’s walkover at the next general election. This is highly likely to be true, of course; it is extremely difficult to believe that Britain will elect a hard core socialist into government.

Still, complacency and arrogance must not be allowed to set in; nothing can be taken for granted. Political commentators are often proven utterly wrong and the terrible unpredictability of events can turn the world upside down and shatter every certainty in a moment. After all the laughs and the fun had at Labour’s expense during the leadership election, now is the time to get serious.

Why? Because the enemy is dangerous, plain and simple, and however unviable they may seem, they pose a threat and must be stopped at all costs. A Corybnite socialist Labour Party absolutely must not be allowed to take power.

The hard left have not only infiltrated the Labour Party, they have used the absurd membership rules to stage a full scale invasion and leadership coup. Labour have been overwhelmed by an unholy alliance between the unions and all the ragtag mobs still wielding the red star and the hammer and sickle, from the Socialist Worker’s Party to the Communist Party of Great Britain.

The unions still have a financial stronghold over Labour, and they have spent the entire Miliband era ensuring that their preferred candidates were selected in strongholds, now an astonishing number of MPs owe loyalty to their union sponsors.

They have been on a recruitment drive to shore up their influence on the leadership election and having installed a genuine loyalist, they have not had such a tight grip on the Labour party since the 1980s. The most powerful and influential of the unions by far is Unite, led by Len McLuskey; a close, personal friend of both Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson.

Across Britain, Communists, Socialists, Trotskyists and all other denominations of the extremist left are celebrating Corybn’s victory. They’re heartened and excited by this development, and will feel like it’s the beginning of a mass resurgence of their “movement”. Expect them to take to the streets with renewed vigour and to do all they can to poison British politics and ruin any chance of a free, balanced and intelligent debate.

This political aberration will have hugely negative consequences on political debate in our country. There can be no pragmatism, compromise or mature discussion in the House of Commons with a shadow cabinet full of hard line socialists determined to vilify anyone who disagrees with them. Backed by the violent mobs of the hard left, and the power of the unions, the atmosphere is likely to turn very sour indeed.

With our politics soaked in bitterness, and a passionate debate to be had in the run up to the EU referendum, the next five years could be marked by divisiveness, hostility and instability. Government policy will not just be opposed in the House of Commons, but on the streets by violent mobs and militant union bosses drunk on power and misplaced arrogance.

Mark Serwotka, leader of the PCS union, has already stated his intention to bypass democracy and interfere in the business of government:

We have the ability to stop austerity in its tracks, to topple this government and to ensure we get a fairer society.’

Len McCluskey added:

They will never ever, ever defeat a united working class, a united trade union movement, a united Labour movement”.

The writing is on the wall for all who care to see. They are reinvigorated, and have a whole new sense of determination. The hard left have always deluded themselves that their ideology was the key to utopia and that the public would see this if they were given a chance. Now they have mistaken Corbyn’s mandate as a validation of their cause and justification for trying to block, or even bring down, a democratically elected government.

Their repeated failures are always put down to the media, or whatever conspiracy theory their addled minds can come up with. Now they have taken back the Labour Party and not only is their sense of righteousness stronger than ever, they believe they can win.

The next five year are not going to be easy, they’re going to be challenging, climaxing in a general election even more important than the last.

What if some dramatic turn of events caused the public to turn on the government? A serious global economic downturn that destroyed their economic credibility, for example? The deficit is not eliminated, household and national debt is piling up, productivity is stagnant and the housing market is overheated. If the bubble popped now it would be a catastrophe.

If the public were suddenly hit hard in the pocket and felt financially insecure, in their anger, resentment and disillusionment, is it totally beyond the realm of possibility that they might consider a radical alternative? It is unlikely, but it could happen.

In-fact, it needn’t be quite so dramatic. If the government gets complacent, or is perceived to be arrogant, the public will punish them for it. If they don’t achieve their economic aims of eliminating the deficit, the public may punish them for it. If they don’t take Corbyn seriously and respond to him with only snipes, sneers and negativity, they public may punish them for it.

The only response is to govern with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, with an absolute realisation of the importance of the five year mission of the parliament. The government must do better to rein in state profligacy and find new ways to extend prosperity and opportunity to across the country and throughout the population.

Now isn’t the time to relax, quite the opposite; the enemy must be faced down with the same determination that they will inevitably show. This is no longer a joke, the fate of the country is at stake.

The zealous hard left are back, driven by a profound sense of self-assurance and dogmatism and more energised than they have been in years. They’ve got another roll of the dice, and they want power. So, let’s have it out, once and for all. They have no more excuses, but neither do we.

Now there is to be a battle of ideas, let’s fight it hard and win. Let’s leave them so badly defeated they that they know in no uncertain terms that their the pernicious ideology is dead and can never win the day in Great Britain.