Dan Adamescu dies in a Romanian prison. His son fears the same fate if he is extradited from the UK

Dan Adamescu

Our readers and supporters will know that we are campaigning on for justice for Alexander Adamescu who is subject to a European Arrest Warrant from Romania which we believe to be politically motivated. You can read our overview of the case here. He faces arrest on the same charges for which his father, Dan Adamescu, was imprisoned on the 2nd February 2016.

Mr Adamescu Snr, 68, a businessman who owned the conservative newspaper Romania Libera (now facing insolvency) died in hospital on Monday night having contracted sepsis in the high security Rahova prison. Prison conditions in Romania are notoriously poor with severe issues of overcrowding, which led to revolts in June 2016 with prisoners citing unbearably bad conditions.

Mr Adamescu Snr claimed to have been subject to inhumane and unsanitary conditions and was denied much needed medical treatment. He was finally transferred in September 2016 to an intensive care ward attached to Jilava prison, near Bucharest, to receive treatment.

Alexander Adamescu told The Daily Telegraph yesterday: “The appalling treatment of my father demonstrates the total breakdown of the rule of law and due process in Romania, and the vindictive persecution that its government authorities have inflicted upon him.”

Alexander Adamescu
Alexander Adamescu

The European Arrest Warrant is based on the wrongful assumption of parity of justice across Europe. Dan Adamescu’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty was not respected. Fair Trials International used his case as a key example in their Joint position paper on the proposed directive on the strengthening of certain aspects of the presumption of innocence and of the right to be present at trial in criminal proceedings which stated:

“Judicial statements made in the course of pre-trial detention proceeding have failed to respect the presumption of innocence.”

Alexander Adamescu fears facing the same fate as his father. We believe that to extradite him would be to send him to face an unfair trial and the violation of his human rights. The European Arrest Warrant will, once again, make Britain complicit in political persecution.

Alexander’s lawyer, Robert Amsterdam, said: “The horrific and intentional mistreatment of Dan Adamescu, which has led to his death, represented a grave violation of his human rights and is aimed at controlling his newspaper and expropriating his businesses.”

According to The Telegraph, a senior figure in British intelligence issued a report stating that “Romania is seeking Alexander’s extradition and trial in an attempt to silence him and thwart the Adamescu family’s attempt to win millions of Euros in compensation from the authorities”

Alexander knew of his father’s rapidly declining health, but tragically was not able to see him before he died due to the outstanding EAW. He has his extradition hearing in April, until which time Conservatives for Liberty will be campaigning to raise awareness of his case; including a lobby evening on February 28th. We hope that with your support, justice can will prevail.