DC Diary: Democrats feel the consequences of neglecting the common man


Well this is all very familiar. I’m in a bar in Democrat Washington, DC at 10.30pm and everyone’s shitting themselves. It’s a similar mood to the East of England count I attended during the EU referendum vote once the North East started coming in. And don’t get them started about Virginia.


Trump is currently leading 167 to 109 electoral votes, but that doesn’t take into account the 55 votes Hillary is almost guaranteed to get in California, not to mention the rest of the west coast.

But the guys on CNN are already reacting with complete surprise at districts which were expected to come out for Hillary which have come out for Trump. What I’ve been warning Americans my entire time here appears to be happening; the Trump campaign appears to be bringing out people who do not usually vote.

This is exactly what happened during the Brexit vote and is exactly what the Canadian Tories did to win a surprise majority some years ago. There is an anti-majority mood in the country, which has galvanised citizens which never usually vote.

I and other British conservatives have reasons to fear a Trump presidency, but if it happens, the message must be clear; this would have happened because politics as usual has neglected the common man for so long, the Republican Party has degenerated to such a degree, that people grasp for extremes.

Whether Trump wins or Trump loses, there will follow a period of reflection for the Republican Party from tomorrow, to decide just what it has done wrong over the last decade to lead to this point. I only hope people of the same ilk as Conservatives for Liberty are part of that process.

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