Don’t mourn the death of the Labour Party

Over the last year you will have read no end of high-minded articles by those on the Right lamenting the Labour party’s current incapacity as bad for democracy because the country needs an effective opposition in parliament to challenge the government. This is not one of those articles.

The death of the Labour party will not be an atomic political event, rather it will be a slow crawl to the grave as it gradually crumbles into ruin and irrelevance, but when it happens I shall show it all the respect and dignity that they afforded Lady Thatcher’s passing. I will crack open a very expensive bottle of scotch, burn a twelve foot high red flag and dance in the streets like it were VE day (and even that would be restrained in comparison to the treatment the great lady received).

Since its inception Labour has been committed to cultivating division and rancour in our society, propagating class war for a hundred years and enslaving entire communities to its narrow view of the world.

The vile abuse that Labour moderates are currently receiving is nothing in comparison to what thousands of men in our industrial heartlands have had to suffer for dissent towards the Labour movement. During the countless strikes which plagued this country in the 20th century, each one a setback for our nation and a gift to our enemies, thousands of workers faced violence and exclusion from their own communities simply for doing their jobs.

Never forget that Labour’s electoral successes are based on a culture of political gangsterism that would make Vito Corleone quiver. No socialist was ever forced out of a home counties village for their views (laughed out, maybe).

I’m not saying that every member of the Labour party is evil (a courtesy I rarely find reciprocated) and some of them can actually be quite pleasant. However, the party itself has a black, ugly soul forged in bitter resentment of the institutions and history of our country and the arrogant belief in the infinite capacity of socialism to do good.

In this day and age opposition comes from all quarters, spend ten minutes on Twitter supporting the Tories and you soon learn that. Social media, the press, TV, the business world, the church, Nicola Sturgeon.  Nowadays even Jamie – bloody – Oliver seems to have a say in government policy. When mockney TV chefs can hold the government to account it highlights how inconsequential parliamentary opposition really is. If you’re reading this you probably have an interest in politics and watch parliament with the same relish as Game of Thrones but ask around in your office and I bet over half won’t even know PMQs is on a Wednesday.

No, I shall not mourn the passing of the Labour party. A party that makes a virtue of sneering at the working class it was founded to represent. A party that begrudges wealth and resents success. A party that bullies, intimidates and abuses those who do not share their views. A party that preaches liberty only to curb our freedoms. A party with thinly veiled disdain for everything I cherish about my country. A party created to do little more than hold my country back. Labour is, in effect, our national disability. We should get a blue badge for it.

So don’t feel guilty about the schadenfreude you are experiencing. Hang your red rose wreath high and raise your glasses to the death of Labour, the real nasty party.

Martin was a lifelong Socialist who saw the error of his ways, making a sharp right turn. Follow him on Twitter: @righturn79

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