Doubling down: More government to solve bad government…


Two polls were released by YouGov recently which paint an interesting picture of the public perception on Governance; these claimed that 31% of the public do not believe that the Government regulates business to an adequate amount, whilst only 19% doubted the effectiveness of this interference, arguing it is pursued too often. With 21% supporting the status quo of regulation as normal, this forms a small majority in favour of ‘big or bigger’ government, which has proven itself only effective at eroding our free market.

With such confidence in the competence of Government, one would believe a natural conclusion to be the soaring approval rating for its ability. Yet, to the contrary, only 22% believes it is doing a ‘good job’ at representing them. This does not act as a rejecting of the Conservative party, who still enjoy a lead in the majority of national polls, but of Government itself. It must therefore raise the question, why does society demand more of the beast it continues to reject? Has the public concluded that it is a necessary evil to restrain corporate greed? We should remind ourselves that the path to hell is paved in good intentions, with this scenario being of no difference.

Further regulation will only act to damage small business, the foundation of our economy and the key to challenging corporate power. For only it can promote the competition which could counter the corporate agenda. The dabbling of Government into business throughout the years have proven that. Therefore, it should be the responsibility of those who govern at times not to act, unless to promote the power of the free market.


Andrew is studying International Politics and Conflict Studies Queens University Belfast. He is a member of Conservative Future Northern Ireland. Follow him on Twitter: @AWoosterNI

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