Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant: Meet Alexander Adamescu at September’s Pint and Patter


The European Arrest Warrant exists, in theory, to enable the extradition of suspected criminals across European borders. But in reality extradition is being used to pursue political vendettas against innocent parties who will in turn be subjected to judicial processes that fall far beneath the standards of our own. In the last two years, extradition requests using the European Arrest Warrant have more than doubled – overwhelming British courts and making this a critical issue for Theresa May’s Government.

Alexander Adamescu is a victim of the European Arrest Warrant. Faced with extradition and a prison sentence in Romania, he was arrested at the behest of the Romanian anti-corruption department in June, shortly before he was to speak about press freedom and Romania’s abuse of the European Arrest Warrant. Accused of bribing judges, a charge his elderly father is currently serving a four year sentence in Romania for – having been convicted on the first day of his show trial – Alexander maintains that the charge is trumped-up, political, and motivated by cronyism.

On Tuesday Alexander will be our guest speaker at Conservative’s for Liberty’s Pint and Patter. Speaking about his experience of the European Arrest Warrant and life under the threat of extradition to a country renowned for its poor prison conditions, Alexander is uniquely placed to speak on how the European Arrest Warrant serves to deny British residents basic civil liberties.

Pint and Patter
27th September, 6:30pm
The Clarence Pub On Whitehall
53 Whitehall, London

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