Freedom Fizz 2015


Huge thanks to the 220 people who attended our second annual Freedom Fizz event at Conservative Party conference. We had a great time, and judging by the amount of champagne imbibed, so did you.



Matt Ridley, the Viscount Ridley, called on liberty-lovers to assert themselves more strongly within the party:


“Free markets not only make us more prosperous, they also make us kinder, more tolerant, more equal … and they actually produce social progress. And indeed they produce collectivism of the kind that Marxists talk about but never produce. They produce this great collaboration between people where we’re all dependent on each other. That’s actually what markets do.”

Daniel Hannan, MEP and CfL’s honorary president spoke about Manchesterism:


“The one that said if you gained power and prestige and wealth not by conquest, not by honour, not by sacrifice, but by something far simpler, which is offering a decent service at a fair price … so that the only way you succeed is by enriching everybody else. If there is a better doctrine on the planet, if there is a competing ideology that can claim one tenth of the success of Manchester Liberalism, I am yet to hear to.”

Dan also spoke on the European Union:

“And now the task of our generation is once again to rediscover that global vocation …  to break away from a continent that doesn’t believe in freedom, with a few honourable exceptions – some of whom are here tonight. From the continent whose record, let’s face it, next to ours, as a repository of civil feeling, is rather lacking.

“There’s a whole world out there. We are the fifth largest economy in the world. We have unparalleled links with every continent and archipelago, links of habit and history, of commerce and friendship, of language and law. If only we would raise our eyes to more distant horizons.”

All in all, it was a fantastic evening, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

View all the pictures from the evening here.

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