Freedom lovers: Time for a reality check


In the 4.5 years since Conservatives for Liberty was launched by Daniel Hannan the political landscape in the UK has changed.

We’ve faced a referendum on Scottish Independence, the Conservatives have won (and then lost) a parliamentary majority, and the country has voted for Brexit. It’s been all change at the top table of the Conservative Party, and the leaders of every national political party have changed too (I’m not even sure who leads Ukip nowadays).

Conservatives for Liberty started small – just four people with a shared passion and a determination to make things happen. As the political landscape has changed so has our team, with directors and committee members joining and moving on.

However, one thing has remained the same: the threat to liberty in the UK. The nanny state advances year on year, markets of all kinds remain over-regulated, and civil liberties just don’t seem to matter to politicians anymore.

Freedom lovers in the UK – whether you call yourself libertarian, classical liberal, or something else – need to face up to some hard truths. And top of the list of hard truths is that we are losing the argument. Time and again our facts and principles are pushed aside in pursuit of political expediency and statist dogma.

For us Brexit was a victory, but it is increasingly obvious that Brexit alone will not save our liberties. What we do next – how we shift the conversation and tap into traditional British scepticism of politicians and the state – is the most pressing question for every freedom lover in the UK.

And that’s why Conservatives for Liberty has taken a pause and gone quiet for a few months. We’ve been thinking. We’ve been puzzling out what exactly we can do to start to shift the needle in British politics.

There are no easy answers, but starting today Conservatives for Liberty will be campaigning in three important policy areas:

That means defending free markets and entrepreneurialism, shouting about the real root causes of unfairness between the generations, and unapologetically advocating for civil liberties. Our purpose is to help you have better arguments at university, work,  down the pub and on social media; and make sure you have the facts to hand when you challenge a decision taken by your local council or your MP.

To match our new focus, we have built a new website. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

You can support our work by becoming a member. Or if you want to do more and get involved, drop me a line at