Freedom of choice is a fundamental plank of
liberty. It’s about time we defended it.


You might think “it’s OK, I’m not a smoker – and actually, I quite dislike smoking”, but it’s bigger than that now. Years of punitive tobacco control measures have emboldened public health campaigners, and now they’re looking for their next target.

The next thing will be something you enjoy – a drink, a chocolate bar, a packet of crisps. And whilst you and I may believe every adult should be free to make their own choices, these campaigners certainly do not.

Unfortunately for us, the principle of control has been established. As you can see below, it’s only a very small step from tobacco to alcohol and sugar. Conservatives for Liberty thinks it’s time this big government meddling stopped – what about you?

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should government control your personal choice: tobacco, alcohol, and foods high in fat, salt & sugar

See the full set of infographics here.

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