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Join the fight for liberty in the UK with the fastest growing, most dynamic group within the Conservative Party.  There’s a level of involvement for everyone from basic membership to volunteering with the committee. You’ll be in good company.

  • “Of all the jobs I do in the Conservative Party, the only one of which I am absolutely, unequivocally, unambiguously proud is to be president of this organisation.”

    Daniel Hannan MEP

  • “A new generation is reviving true liberalism today. Conservatives for Liberty are pioneers of this movement and I learned more from an evening in a pub with them than from any amount of time in Parliament.”

    Matt Ridley, the 5th Viscount Ridley

  • “CfL is an important development for the Conservative Party. All too many people believe in liberty up until the point that their faith is tested. As a result, we have been losing the arguments for most of the past century. CfL could be an important part of the restoration our country needs.”

    Steve Baker MP

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