Good riddance to EU elitism

No buyer’s remorse from me. Over the next decade or so we will learn more and more how right we were to vote to leave the EU. One day our accession will be discussed as the historic mistake it was. For now, I can content myself with the little post vote justifications that remind me of this and make me ever more proud that we did the right thing.

Under reported Britain was the damning words of three former French government ministers in French newspapers. The former socialist minister for Industrial Renewal, Arnaud Montebourg, said that the European Union had been constructed against the European peoples, not for them. former French minister for European affairs Laurent Wauquiez said that “no one, with a minimum of clear-sightedness, could go down the corridors of Brussels without having the sincerity to recognize that it doesn’t work.” Former Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine said that since the Treaty of Lisbon, ‘we are definitely not in a state of democracy.’

Exactly as Brexiteers have been saying for a very long time. It is notable that all of them have allowed themselves these moments of honesty after leaving office and being able to speak more freely. They propose solutions such as the re-establishment of borders, the reduction of the number of European bureaucrats, the expulsion of members, and the reduction in the powers of the EU to interfere in national governance. Basically the kind of reforms which would make the EU no longer the EU, the kind of reforms that have been proposed for decades and are never going to happen. Many Britons have yearned for the free trade association they in 1975 for forty years but have seen the utopianist political project continue unabated and the EU grow into an emerging state that has gone beyond the ability to reform or democratise.

Hubert Védrine said:

I remember interviews in which Chancellor Kohl and later Chancellor Schröder complained about the abusive intrusion of the [European] Commision and the complicity of the Commission and the European Court of Justice.

These calls for reform will continue to be heard and ignored. The EU will not change and it will not roll back until it collapses. The rule by elites and careerist bureaucrats, the erosion of democracy, the dissolving of national sovereignty, the lack of accountability and the marginalisation of the people; these are not the unintended consequences of the European project, they are the European project. It is as is intended.

52% of the British people, with varying levels of sophistication and knowledge, understood this very well; as did much of the 48%, a great many of whom voted remain purely out of fear of economic uncertainty rather than love of the EU as deluded Europhiles would have you believe.

One didn’t even need an in-depth knowledge of the EU’s workings to instinctively feel it was bad for Britain, as much as the sneering Europhile “experts” would claim otherwise. Many people simply saw “President” Jean Claude Juncker as an easily understandable symbol of all that was wrong with the supranational organisation subordinating their country.

Before him it was José Manuel Barroso; a perfect symbol of all that is wrong with the EU. The man who went from revolutionary Maoist to Prime Minister of Portugal to the 11th President of the European Commission to vice-president of Goldman-Sachs, would have been right at home in any dictatorship. An editorial in a French left-wing newspaper accuses Mr Barroso of violating ‘the spirit of Europe.’ This is amusing really; he has displayed exactly the kind of self-advancement typical of EU apparatchiks. He is the epitome of the spirit of the EU.

Members of the European Commission are bound by contract to wait eighteen months after they leave office before they seek other employment and then must do so with ‘honesty and delicacy’ or face losing their huge pension; but, happily for Barroso and his cronies, whether they have acted with ‘honesty and delicacy’ is decided by the European Commission itself, and they look after their own, especially as all the other unelected commissioners will be seeking positions of power and wealth when they leave office.

The European Union is a cesspit of cronyism and corruption. Fools laud it as a progressive utopia while the anti-democratic monolith grows ever more powerful and the untouchable elite lines their pockets and empower themselves.

Good riddance.

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