Isn’t it strange how many Remainers
suddenly care about racism?


This post follows on from Zara’s previous blog: It is wrong to ignore the ethnic minority voices that voted leave.

If you actively use social media, you would be forgiven for thinking that over night, Britain has turned into a fascist & racist state, that Hitler has risen again, and that the end is nigh.

Post after post referring to racist chants, racist attacks, or anti-immigration sentiments.

Ann Soubry stated on Question Time on Sunday that she has heard a lot of anti immigration and racist sentiment since the referendum result, and the last time she heard such a thing was in the 1970’s.

Pass the smelling salts, Mildred, we’ve just discovered that racism exists!

It doesn’t stop here, suddenly, according to the Metro, a group of people have banded together on Facebook to call out racism.

Some have even gone as far as to compare post Brexit Britain to Nazi Germany, which clearly isn’t trivialising the horrors of the holocaust at all… But let me put this to you:

Might it be the case that racism has always existed, and that we are only noticing and pointing it out now, because it conveniently fits in with our view points?

I have a question for the people who suddenly seem to care so much about racism: When was the last time, before we left the EU, that you spent time pointing people to every single instance of racism that you had ever come across?

When was the last time, that there was a rise in hate crime, that you got angry?

When was the last time, that you took the time to create a Facebook group to call out racism?

As for videos of people ranting on trains, does nobody remember the lady with the little boy in the “My tram experience” clip on YouTube, who spent about five minutes yelling about how it wasn’t “her Britain” any more, and how she called out various different ethnic minorities on the tram that day, to tell them that they weren’t British, and to “f**k off back to N*ggerafrica”?

I can assure you that it was well before any talks of Britain leaving Europe.

You see, in Britain, as with all over the world, there has always been a problem with racism, or fear of the other. People haven’t suddenly woken up one day and decided they now hate Harpreet from two doors down.

And to those saying that racists now have a 52% mandate, and that is why there is apparently a sudden rise in racism, do you really think they’ve only just started to act this way now, because of Brexit?

Or are you willing to admit that perhaps you just didn’t notice it until it backed up your feelings towards the referendum?

Racism existed before Brexit. Racism existed during Brexit. Racism will exist after Brexit.

If you have never posted and spoken out in horror against racism to the level that you are now, ever before, then perhaps it’s time to take a step back, look at yourself, and ask if you are capitalising on the xenophobia and prejudice that has always effected us, and always existed, just because you think it proves your point.

Zara Shaen Albright is a critic of feminism and SJWs who leans towards libertarianism. Follow her on Twitter: @kitkatzazu

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