It’s time to get Britain moving again


An economic catastrophe is unfolding before our eyes, with the coronavirus cure proving more harmful than the sickness.

Conservatives for Liberty is calling for the government to end the lockdown. Now.

  • All the coronavirus legislation criminalising ordinary behaviour must be repealed.
  • Schools must re-open and operate as normal.
  • Businesses must not face trading restrictions any longer.
  • The furlough scheme must be wound down early.

This is not a choice between health and wealth – recessions kill too, and we’re facing a slump deeper than any other in British living memory.

It’s time for us to be treated as the adults we are, with advice to practice social distancing and work from home if possible replacing rules; government focus shifting to providing data that enables people to understand their personal, local risk and act accordingly; and the urgent return of ordinary economic life.

Support should continue to protect the clinically ‘extremely vulnerable’ (known as shielding), as well as care homes.

It’s time to get back to work, back to the shops, and down to the pub for a pint.