Leaving the European Arrest Warrant is a benefit of Brexit


According to senior EU officials, the UK cannot be in the European Arrest Warrant after Brexit. Although this does create immediate issues in that we must now consider what extradition arrangements we want post-Brexit and work towards negotiating a new treaty, it is a positive thing that we are leaving the EAW.

Conservatives for Liberty campaigned hard against the European Arrest Warrant, and we were extremely disappointed when Theresa may announced her intention to negotiate staying in it. We highlighted the case of Alexander Adamescu as a chilling example of the injustices the UK becomes implicit in due to the EAW, but there are many such examples:

Not all legals systems across Europe are equal, and the UK’s is quite distinct from those of the continent. The European Arrest Warrant is a threat to liberty, the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.

Good riddance!