Letter to Tory MPs

Dear << insert MP name >>,


I am writing, as a constituent of yours, to ask you to do the right thing by the nation and the Conservative Party, by voting against the proposed Withdrawal Agreement when it comes before the Commons.

The deal falls short of delivering on Brexit, subjects the UK to further controls from Brussels and violates the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom. It is not something that any UK Government, and especially not a Conservative one, could agree to.

In June 2016, the greatest-ever mandate presented by the British people ordered the Government to take back control.

Instead of delivering this, we’ve been presented with an agreement written in Brussels, for the benefit of Brussels, which contains multiple provisions for the continued interference of Brussels in our lives.

This deal hands the European Union the power to determine rules over which we will have no say. It allows them and them alone to determine the nature of our future trading relationships. It hands over control of Northern Ireland’s economic affairs to the EU, effectively hiving off part of the UK and damaging our precious Union.

Additionally, the ECJ will continue to have jurisdiction for a least a decade. We will also be subject to monitoring to ensure that we continue to adopt the rules that we are subject to and pay for the projects they determine we are liable for.

This is unacceptable.

The proposed deal is not Brexit in any meaningful sense and also grants the EU new powers to violate our sovereignty. You simply must vote it down when presented with the opportunity.

The alternative is a much weaker country, the failure to deliver on the Conservatives’ manifesto commitments, the quite unforgiveable betrayal of Northern Ireland and – as recent polls have demonstrated – a Labour government headed by Jeremy Corbyn.

Yours sincerely,


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