Look beyond the EU; the world is our market

World market
Contrary to what Tim Farron says, the European Union is not the be all and end all; there is a whole planet beyond the Europe. A planet with growing markets across all four corners of the map.
When we free ourselves from the shackles of the worlds only shrinking trade bloc we can freely pursue commercial links with the rest of the world, free trade as opposed to over-regulated protectionism. Our great nation can, autonomously, pursue free trade with whomever we want to.
In 2006 the EU accounted for 55% of UK exports, today that figure is 45%. When we are in control of our own trade policy, exports to Europe can rise but fall as an overall percentage. The European single market was praised as the greatest gift to Britain by the remain campaign. A market of 500,000,000. The EU single market will be important to us, lets not be naive or ignorant. But if we look a little bit further, to India.
A population of 1.252 – billion people, double the potential customers of the European Union. Please, ponder on that fact. Just *one* single country that the EU could not sign a free trade treaty with would more than double the size of the EU market. A country choking of thirst for British Whisky which currently faces tariffs of 150%.
Our cousins in The United States of 320,000,000. The Second country mentioned in this article is more than half of the EU single market, and again. The EU could not sign a trade deal on our behalf. TTIP is dead in the water. The US president-elect and speaker of congress, say the UK will be at the front of the ‘queue’ for a trade deal in due course.
Canada, Australia and New Zealand making up another 63,000,000 assumptive customers for British goods. What have all three of these countries got common with the European Union? They could not come to a free trade agreement.
The ‘ remoaners ‘ – (not all remain advocates) – whom constantly talked our great nation down during the campaign, put the fear of god into voters were and are wrong. There will be no recession or world war three.
Instead, there will be a boom in a historic era of free trade with every country across the world.
Let our Indian cousins drink our whisky by the barrel, The Americans eat Scottish Haggis and wash it down with Iron Brew. Let the Canadians wear the finest Scottish Kilts. Let’s see Kiwis drive Aston Martins made in England. Let us prove the remoaners wrong. Let us step out of the Blue and yellow and spread our Red white and Blue products across the world.

Kieran Munro is a political writer and Brexit campaigner.  He has Appeared numerous times on the BBC and STV. Follow him on Twitter: @Kieran0610

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