Merry Christmas! Eurocrats receive another bumper pay rise

It’s going to be a very merry Christmas in Brussels this year! Yes, though millions of people across the EU are suffering thanks to the stagnant eurozone and the constraints of the euro currency, although there’s a migration crisis that has been badly bungled, and ongoing economic crises across the continent, despite the fact that many Member States have been put through harsh austerity measures and punitive economic reforms, and faith in the great political project is faltering; Brussels has still managed to earmark €18 million to give 55,000 EU officials a 3.3% pay rise  backdated to June, meaning a hefty Christmas bonus for their December pay packets. Ho, ho, ho!

And that old lush President Juncker will be full of Christmas spirit, despite his many failings, over the migrant crisis and Brexit, and being a magnet for bad PR for the EU, he will get a juicy Christmas bonus of  €5,181.24, and his basic salary will go up to a eye watering €324,377, which is 90% more than Theresa May. He also enjoys:

  • €48,657 housing allowance
  • €17,017 expenses
  • €69,336 per annum pension from age 65
  • €416,284 as a “transition” fee at the end of his five year term as president

Not bad work if you can get it. A nice reminder of one of the many reasons we voted to leave. No regrets.

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