Now is the time for boldness: No more delays to Article 50!


Yesterday the sneering, Europhile, prosecco glass clinging, cultural elite of Britain were smirking. The vote carried the uneducated peasantry to leave the European Union and strive for something greater has hit a bump in the road. After the High Court’s dubious constitutional decision to force the government to consult MPs, one thing is abundantly clear; there is near-Shakespearean knavery afoot in our institutions.

I fear we have become complacent in our decision to tread carefully, as opposed to boldly, in regards to Article 50. In hesitation, we have left ourselves vulnerable to reversals. No matter how many times Theresa May regurgitates ‘Brexit means Brexit’, we aren’t any safer than we were on the day after the vote. Sure, we have a vague timeline of when and how we will trigger Article 50; but now the chattering circles of Europhile Elitists ingrained in our system have had time to regroup.

Yesterday’s ruling shows that we must not be complacent; we cannot drag our feet. The longer we wait, the less legitimate our struggle will seem; the longer we wait, the more vulnerable we become. I understand why some people want to wait, it sounds like a great idea to carefully plan our exit and to ensure a soft landing once we are free from the Superstate.

However, the stakes are too high to continue to gamble with our mandate to leave. We are still prone to our enemies; they have not shrunk. David may have beat Goliath once, but what if Goliath got back up and tried again and again? Eventually Goliath will land a hit on David, and Goliath has the strength to knock him for ten. We are, as we were during the campaign, up against the banking cartels, our Government, the legal experts, the broadcasters, global world Leaders. They haven’t accepted the result and until we act on our success they won’t. European leaders are refusing to negotiate on trade until we trigger Article 50, they are trying to bully us.

Now unelected judges are trying to block the democratic will of the people under the illusion of the constitution. How can we just sit back and take this?

I believe in parliamentary sovereignty. However, parliament should have no input into whether we leave. There was a referendum; the sovereignty lies directly with the people. Referendums come under the phenomena of direct democracy, not represented democracy. As a Demos, we rejected the EU. It is now the responsibility of the Executive to make that happen.

Parliament are more than welcome to vote on anything after that, but the wish to leave must be respected. It seems ridiculous that here in Britain, one of the world’s oldest democracies, this is being tolerated by a significant portion of the population. As well as this, their understanding of irony is abysmal. Here they are, the very people who claimed that our parliamentary tradition wasn’t important and didn’t matter, are now hiding behind a shell of a point crying out for parliament’s participation.

Things are going well for Brexit Britain: the weaker pound is working to boost exports. More and more of our friends around the world are interested in lowering the barriers of trade to us. Our economy is still growing; Project Fear has been told where to go. Now is the time for bold moves, not for trepidation. We have dipped our toes into the world, now we need to jump in.

 Right now, we have the advantage, but we are risking losing it to the enemies within the gates. We need to stop them from hijacking our vote. Remember that after we trigger Article 50 we have two whole years to negotiate with EU Members before we are cut loose from our shackles. Article 50, once triggered, cannot be reversed. We will have a promise of vindication, a date to look forward to. The traitors to our democracy will have no way to stop our liberation.

 Britain is renowned for its bravery, its bold heart. We defeated Napoleon. We survived the Blitz. We explored the world’s jungles, oceans and deserts for fun. We are lions; bold and brave. We shouldn’t forget that. It’s time to end this once and for all. Trigger Article 50 as soon as possible, don’t give the enemies within the gates a chance.

Nathan Friend is the Chairman of Conservatives for Liberty Wales

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