The CfL Ten: Chipping Barnet

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Theresa Villiers has been Chipping Barnet’s MP since 2005 and represented the area
previously as a London MEPVilliers from 1999. She joined the Cabinet in 2012 as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, performing what is perhaps the most difficult job in British politics, at a difficult time for the province, exceptionally well. She is known to be right across the issues affecting her constituency – her passionate support for the reunification of Cyprus being just one example of this.

Open Britain are closing in on some constituencies where the MP backed leaving the European Union and the constituency did not.

Theresa is a committed advocate of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and while her majority is healthy, a key priority for this election has to be demonstrating to Continuity Remain just how many of our fellow citizens don’t share their disregard for democracy, and the will of the people.

Returning MPs like Theresa with a fresh mandate from their constituents is of utmost importance , so let’s keep Chipping Barnet blue!

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