There was literally no point to the People’s Vote march


Yesterday’s march for a so-called ‘People’s Vote’ was group therapy for the lost souls of our University towns with no political or cultural significance whatsoever.

The evidence of this is in the People’s Vote ‘brand’ genesis.  Continuity Remain is perceived by most people as an extreme, and highly irrational, position – even by lots of people who voted Remain. The strategy is therefore akin to that of a Trojan Horse whereby they aim to secure a referendum with three options on the ballot paper, one of which is to Remain on the utterly disastrous current terms. Securing support for a minority position is, after all, easier when you only need a minority of votes.

Evidence of their status as a minority sport can be seen in the march’s poor turnout. The media-savvy team behind the People’s Vote are spinning huge numbers but the evidence suggests that they’re waffling.

An aerial footage analysis suggests that the number of attendees was around 200,000. There is an unverified Metropolitan Police figure of 170,000. Meanwhile 320,000 have signed an online petition for a referendum re-run. Are we really meant to believe that twice as many traveled to march in London?

Regardless, even if the government bent to the alternative reality of the #FBPE crowd, there wouldn’t be the time for a second referendum before we leave anyway. These things take about six months to organise logistically. It just can’t happen.

But let’s just assume that wasn’t the case. Let’s just assume that we could sink to the level of other nations who bowed to the coordinated pressure to ‘think again’ when their electorates proved inconvenient to the EU project. What could be our possible objection?

The rationale. It’s a delusion that appears to rest on two central tenets. The first is that leave voters will die and the country’s opinion will change by default. The second is that people were promised things that won’t eventually materialise.

Our relationship with the European Union didn’t begin in June 2016, as these people seem to believe. It started way before that and for at least the last twenty years leaving or massively reforming our relationship with the EU has been the majority opinion. Euroscepticism was the norm. It still is.

This was at least in part because we were sold a trading relationship for the 1970s that became, without any input from the public, a domineering political arrangement which screwed just about everyone who wasn’t a politician, university employee or third sector doyen, and a trading relationship well past its sell by date.

While this was happening the People’s Voter tribe were nowhere to be seen. When a referendum became increasingly likely their voices were only heard when they wanted to actively oppose it. Now they’re suddenly all for a democracy so pure that there is no need to act out the mandate presented by the last vote before having a new one.

To be blunt – the country waited 41 years for a say on our relationship with the EU. We had to suck it up. Now the People’s Voters will have to as well.