The Uber ban is the perfect opportunity to make the case for free markets


In a few short days the injustice and absurdity of London’s Uber ban has been decried and derided by thousands of us who see it for exactly what it is – socialist protection of a unionised vested interest. There is no more to be said, the cronyism on show is unabashed. The only thing to do now is contemplate the massive open goal that Sadiq Khan has presented us with.

Since the election I’ve read any number of articles lamenting the inability of the Conservative Party to sell free markets to the electorate; and here is a guilt edged opportunity to do just that.

Uber’s success was clear evidence that real capitalism works for the benefit of us all and not some imaginary caricature of a ‘businessman’ in red braces. Uber’s absence will make millions of Londoners’ lives more difficult and that fact alone is proof positive to anyone that competition and free markets are better than the alternative. We should be singing it from the rooftops.

Arguing against socialism should be easy. A death toll of over 90 million should put any debate to bed but in the minds of the young it is difficult to make a connection between the nice bearded chap in the brown suit and state-sponsored rape, torture and murder (even when he fails to openly condemn it). But having your cab fare doubled overnight sends a strong message about what socialism really is and most importantly what a regressive force it is.

In the face of such an unpopular decision the question is, can we turn the Uber ban into the ‘Gateway Drug’ to Libertarianism?

Anger on this issue is only a stone’s throw away from suspicion of the nanny state, skepticism towards the welfare state and resentment of excessive taxation. The Uber ban could expose millions of free market virgins to the wondrous ‘All-You-Can-Eat Buffet’ of ways in which more freedom and less government improves everyone’s lives.

This could be the start of a real dialogue with the British people about the indisputable benefits of market economics. A debate the Conservatives will always win, a debate in which the opposition has nothing more than empty slogans and wasted saliva.

For too long ‘Capitalism’ has been a dirty word, it is time the British people confronted the truth that it is the bedrock upon which all that is great about this country is built. And even Conservatives of a more burgundy hue must not be ashamed to say this.

Renewing Uber’s licence must be the first pledge of any Conservative candidate for London Mayor and the party should make this clear immediately.

Sadiq Khan looks increasingly like a future leader of the Party and he will do so on a ‘moderate’ ticket. In this event it is our job to remind the country that after this he is nothing of the sort and his lukewarm brand of Leftism is just as insidious as anything being sold by Corbyn or his comrades in Caracas.

Martin was a lifelong Socialist who saw the error of his ways, making a sharp right turn. Follow him on Twitter: @righturn79

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