We’ll Vote Leave to take control

Vote Leave1

Next Saturday, hundreds of events advocating leaving the EU as the safer option in June’s referendum will take place simultaneously in every corner of the country.

From Aberdeen to Aberystwyth and Belfast to Birmingham, #TakeControlDay will see ordinary men and women dedicated to restoring the independence and sovereignty of this nation hit the streets to spread the word.

This huge push has been organised by Vote Leave, which Conservatives for Liberty are proud to say we support to become the official Leave campaign organisation in the Electoral Commission’s designation process, which will conclude on April 1.

We have backed Vote Leave because we believe, to win on June 23, the Leave campaign needs to present a picture of an independent Britain as positive, open to the world, both in trade and in the movement of people – all of which we will be able to determine ourselves as a sovereign nation – through co-operation rather than coercion.

We believe Vote Leave presents just this picture of an independent Britain and is best placed to bring together people from across the political spectrum and lead the Leave campaign to victory against the scaremongering, untruths, and negative outlook the Remain campaign has already demonstrated in its ‘project fear’.

To see where you can join us on #TakeControlDay, visit Vote Leave’s events page here.