Where we stand

Conservatives for Liberty believes that individuals make better decisions for themselves than politicians and bureaucrats make for them. We apply this principle to all policy areas, championing individual freedom and choice over government intervention.

Founded in 2013, Conservatives for Liberty is committed to the Conservative Party, and believes the Party to be at its best when at its most radical – with repealing the Corn Laws, extending the franchise, slashing taxes, liberalising the economy, and democraticisng trade unions among the Party’s finest hours.

We bring together libertarian and classically liberal minded people who believe that Conservative Party policy is taking steps in the right direction, but are hungry for more radical policies on tax, the economy, civil liberties and individual responsibility.

Conservatives for Liberty is not the average ‘Westminster bubble’ campaign group – our leadership team hail from Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Northern Ireland and Wales, with committee members from across the UK. We are proud to name Daniel Hannan MEP as our Honorary President, and delighted to have Syed Kamall MEP, Matt Ridley, Ross Thomson MP and JP Floru on our advisory board.

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The Economy

We believe in free markets. That means people’s choices determining the success or failure of businesses, everyone keeping as much of what they earn as possible, and scepticism about the effectiveness of regulation.

Inter-Generational Fairness

Generational divides and differences in fortunes between the old and young cannot be solved with more of the government intervention that created the problems in the first place. It’s time to be radical in the pursuit of fairness.

Rights and Freedoms

Individual liberty means fighting for free speech, against mass surveillance, and in favour of adults choosing for themselves. The finest of British traditions, we also treasure the union and armed forces which keep us free.