Write to your MP and get them to #ditchthedeal

Brexit poliy

The greatest mandate ever given by the British people ordered the Government to take back control of our borders, laws and finances.

This, we were assured, was what we would get.

However the Withdrawal Agreement presented by Theresa May falls far short of what were promised. Instead of control, we’re being presented with an agreement that emasculates our United Kingdom – an agreement written in Brussels, for the benefit of Brussels and which contains multiple provisions for the continued interference of Brussels in our day-to-day lives.

This deal hands the European Union the power to determine rules, over which we will have no say. It allows them and them alone to determine the nature of our future trading relationships. It hands over control of Northern Ireland’s economic affairs to the EU indefinitely. – a development which should offend the instincts of anyone with the remotest conservative sensibilities.

Additionally, the ECJ will continue to have jurisdiction for a least a decade. We will also be subject to monitoring to ensure that we continue to adopt the rules that we are subject to and pay for the projects they determine we are liable for. It’s almost as if we aren’t leaving at all.

CfL finds this is unacceptable. We want to encourage as many people as possible to write to their Conservative MPs and let them know why this is deal isn’t Brexit and isn’t acceptable.

How to get involved

  1. Locate your MP’s email address using the postcode search function here.
  2. Download our template letter here and add your own details (many MPs won’t respond unless they can tell you’re a constituent). Feel free to amend the letter.
  3. Email your MP
  4. Post on social media that you want to #ditchthedeal